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TECNON LIGHTING is mainly engaged in high efficiency and energy saving green LIGHTING light source, lamps and lanterns and set of electrical appliances, LED display, digital control three billboards, LED light source, lamps and lanterns and form a complete set of electrical appliances, automatic control system and software development, manufacturing. Company has always been a market leading in commercial lighting, hand in hand to PHILIPS/GE/OSRAM lighting giant of the world, with international brands and high-end domestic brand as the goal market, to create first-class commercial lighting enterprise with international level as own duty, the successful use of innovative business model, to provide customers with design and manufacture of distribution service one-stop lighting system as a whole solution, become a strategic partner of many high-end brand customers, rapid development in many industry leading brand with booster, too dragon also established its leading position in the industry, a good professional brand of customer service. Metal processing business, LED the establishment of the division and too dragon integrated optics laboratory set up for soar on the wings of the dragon, dragon sales center, customer service center, center for technology and design center, material control, production management center, administrative center and financial center of the standard operation to promote too dragon is moving toward a modern enterprise system of professional lighting industry leading enterprises, the company get a great improve business performance and impact force, so the dragon brand influence are highly regarded in the industry; In product development and design: it's the dragon has 58 has authorized patents, of which 1 invention patents, of which 22 utility model patents, exterior design patents 36; At the same time also to declare multiple new business according to the practical patent of lamps and lanterns. Too dragon continuously development suitable for the market demand and fashion, with prospective new products and business according to the field of innovative business models and comprehensive service ability has become the core competitiveness of the company. "Keep improving, stop yu zhishan" is too pursuit of the eternal dragon enterprise management; And "explore light, light up the heart" is too the dragon the embodiment of the spirit of enterprise, so the dragon put forward by the management team "one big step, three years into the industry leading enterprises," the short-term development blueprint and too dragon to establish long-term goal of becoming a leading international lighting enterprise in too firm unity, people will be confident belief in the reality.